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Scientific journal Izvestia vuzov «Geodesy and aerophotography»

The reviewed scientific journal Izvestiya Vuzov «Geodesy and aerophotography» has been published since 1957.

The journal was founded by People’s education USSR State Committee (Ministry of Science and Education).

According to GOST-7.56-89 “Publications. International standard serial numbering” ISSN 0536-101X was set for the journal.

The journal is affiliated with Russian scientific citation index (RISC) and is listed among the journals recommended by Higher Attestation Committee for publishing the main outcomes of scientific researches of applicants for doctoral and candidate scientific degrees. The list is guided by The decree on the procedure of bestowing scientific degrees, approved with a Russian Federation governmental regulation from 01.30.2002 №74, as well as by The decree on Higher Attestation Committee, approved with the Russian Science and Education Ministry’s order from 07.03.2006 №177.

The primary objective of the periodical is to promote the quality of training specialists in accordance with the strategic directions for ensuring a unified state policy in the field of state certification of scientific and educational personnel. The journal publishes original scientific articles and reviews on the fundamental and applied problems of geodesy (see Sections).

Six issues of the journal per year are published in printed form and are identical in content with the full-text electronic version, which is published on the MIIGAiK website and in the Scientific electronic library (SEL) after the printed version is released.

There are several ways of distributing the printed version:

1. with “Rospechat” postal subscription (Catalogue subscription index – 70365);

2. in the bookstall in MIIGAiK by cash payment;

3. with the editor’s subscription by cashless settlement in RUR (Please, send your letter of guarantee to miigaikpress@yandex.ru. Editor’s telephone number in Russia: (499) 261-82-86).

You can subscribe starting from every issue of the journal. The price of one issue is 500 Russian rubles, annual subscription - 3000 Russian rubles.

Full texts of the articles and annual subscription for No. 1-6 issues in digital form are available at www.elibrary.ru. It is necessary to be logged in to the site to have access to the digital version of the journal.

The journal's archive from 1990 till nowadays is placed here.

Due to Part IV of the Russian Civil law a contract with the author should be signed in a written form to follow the copyright applied to a paper published in a journal with its digital distribution through the Internet.

The author (a representative of the group of authors) fills in, signs the contract and the act, then sends it to the journal's editors office with their article and complementary documents.

The journal is published at the expense of the University's proprietary funds and share participation under the agreement of partnership.

The editorial board carries out resolutions with the majority of vote of the present members. The editorial board's members take part in scientific editing of the articles tasked by the editor in chief.

The editors office prepares the journal for publishing, registers incoming files, provides peer review, communicates with the authors, sends proof corrections, organizes the contents of every issue, and prepares author's final manuscript and the number dummy layout.

It watches the manuscript formatting according to the Rules for the Authors.

It controls sending free statutory copies of each issue of the journal to the Russian Bibliographic Chamber.

It interacts with Rospechat JSC and provides the edition's delivery on schedule.


1. All the scientific papers received by the editors office come through obligatory reviewing.

2. The papers are reviewed by the editorial board members as well as the leading specialists candidates and doctors of science.

3. The terms of reviewing are individual and consider intention to the earliest publication.

4. A review highlights the points below:

- does the paper's theme correspond the journal;

- scientific level of the paper;

- structure and language of the paper;

- if the paper's volume is acceptable;

- if the tables and figures are understandable, do they illustrate the text and are they necessary;

- are the links to the literature reasonably sufficient;

- does the abstract convey the essence of the work.

The reviewer appraises and substantiates the paper's novelty, originality, actuality, gives explicit suggestions (volume reduction, etc.) if possible.

The reviewer gives recommendations on the further course of the paper. Each reviewer's decision is explained and justified:

a) the paper is recommended to publishing as it is;

b) the paper is recommended to publishing after correcting the weaknesses pointed by the reviewer;

c) the paper needs completive reviewing by another specialist;

d) the paper cannot be published in the journal;

If the review has recommendations on correcting or modifying the article, the author receives it with an offer to compile a new version of the paper or to disclaim the recommendations with reason either in part or in whole.

6.The reviewing is confidential. The author is provided with opportunity to peruse the text of the review.

7. The paper after being corrected or modified by the author is sent to the review repeatedly.

8. If the paper was recommended by a reviewer not to be published, it can be sent to another reviewer without noticing the result of the first review. The text of adverse review is sent to the author of the paper.

9. The final decision on the possibility of publishing the paper is held by the editors board of the journal.

The originals of the reviews are stored in the editors office for five years.