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Rules for authors

Scientific journal Izvestiya vuzov «Geodesy and aerophotography» publishes articles of scientific and practical interest. Articles sent to the editorial Board should satisfy the following requirements:

1. The article should be submitted in one copy, set out in a concise manner in strict scientific terms (structure of an article includes introduction, goals and objectives, methods, results, conclusions), carefully edited, all pages are numbered. The manuscript should begin with a title and information about authors (title, scientific degree, place of work, e-mail), annotations (100-250 words) and keywords — all in Russian and English languages (the name of the article and the author’s name must be also translated for publication in English). The manuscript should be supplied with an extract from Protocol of Department meeting, a review, Contract for the publication of the article filled-in and signed by the author (see here).

2. The manuscript must be signed by all the authors. In the end of the article workplace of all the authors should be specified along with their positions and contact information (e-mail, telephone).

3. The manuscript should be typed with pointtype14, on white paper, 1.5-spaced with side margins 2.5 cm, without corrections or insertions. Volume of an article is under 15 pages. Tables, figures and literature sources given in the article should be referenced in the manuscript. Tables must have thematic titles, they must not be cumbersome or duplicate the text and drawings.

4. Figures should be given in separate folders in TIFF format with resolution not less than 300 dpi. The size of illustrations width 174 or 84 mm (intermediate size not accepted) maximal height is 228 mm, line thickness – 0.75 pt. The signature on the figures have to correspond to the references in the text. Notations in the text, formulas and figures, letters of the Latin alphabet should be typed in italics, Russian and Greek – straight type.

5. The list of references should contain all cited and referred works in the order of referring. References to unpublished works are not allowed. Bibliographical description is given in the following order: author's surname and initials, full title, place of publication, publisher, year of publication, number of pages (for non-recurrent publications), for periodical ones - the name of the journal, year, volume (№), pages interval. Reference to the source in the text is to be provided as a sequence number in square brackets.

6. Abbreviations of words, names, titles, as a rule, are not allowed (except standard abbreviations). Abbreviation must be disclosed at the first mention in the text.

7. The article should be typed in Word 2007 format or newer, recorded on electronic media, or sent via email to redakcia@miigaik.ru.

8. Any article that does not meet these requirements, is returned to the authors for revision. The date of receipt shall be the day of receipt of the final version of the article.

9. Additions and insertions or correction is not permitted after the layout.

10. The editors retain the right to make reductions and editorial changes in manuscripts.

11. One author can publish not more than one article in an issue.