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Индикация состояния окрестностей горно-обогатительных комбинатов Тувы по данным Landsat

Х.Б. Куулар

Страницы: 685–694

Аннотация. Изложены результаты исследования современного состояния окрестностей, прилегающих к горно-обогатительным комбинатам на территории Республики Тува. Рассмотрено использование данных спутников Landsat-7 и 8 для индикации состояния растительного покрова горно-обогатительных комбинатов. На основе космических снимков показаны результаты хозяйственной деятельности горно-обогатительных комбинатов – размещение отвалов и хвостохранилищ, а также состояние растительного покрова. Приведены результаты расчетов вегетационного индекса на основе данных на 24.05.1998, 17.07.2002, 28.07.2015 и 28.05.2017.

Ключевые слова: горно-обогатительные комбинаты, космические снимки, нормализованный вегетационный индекс (NDVI), растительность, хвостохранилища, mining and ore-dressing complexes, Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI), remote sensing data, tailings, vegetation

State indication of the vicinity of mining and concentration complexes using the landsat data in the republic of Tuva

Kh.B. Kuular

Pages: 685–694

Summary. Pollution is of environmental is one of the most serious types by waste of mining and ore-dressing complexes. There are 3 mining and ore-dressing complexes in republic: «Tuvaasbest», «Tuvakobalt» and «Kyzyl-Tashtygskij». Methods have significantly greater opportunities for environmental research of space monitoring. When assessing the state of the surroundings of mining and processing plants and their tailings, the study of information obtained using remote data becomes particularly relevant. The results of the study of the current state of surroundings of mining and ore-dressing complexes and their tailings in the republic according to Landsat-7, 8 data are presented. The satellite images clearly identify the territory of mining and processing complexes, their area and other characteristics. Dusting of waste is one of the most serious environmental impacts. On the basis of satellite images recorded overgrowth of old dumps. The territory of «Kyzyl-Tashtygskij» is experiencing a significant technological impact due to the development of the field, the arrangement of their infrastructure and the laying of roads. It is shown that the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index NDVI effectively reveals the results of economic activity of mining and processing complexes and their waste. To accomplish this, different satellite images were used: a Landsat-7 image from 24.05.1998, 17.07.2002 and a Landsat-8 image from 28.07.2015, 28.05.2017. It is shown that the NDVI effectively reveal the results of human activities, the results of deforestation and waste disposal. Satellite monitoring allows fixing possible deviations from the operation of plants and reducing their impact on the environment. Monitoring will be continued using satellite data to continuously monitor the environment in the areas of mining and oredressing complexes and their dumps.

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