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National flag day

День государственного флага

Dear friends!

Congratulations to all citizens of Russia on the Day of the State Flag of the Russian Federation!

30 years ago, on August 22, 1991, the tricolor Russian flag was first hoisted over the White House in Moscow. The tricolor was approved as a symbol of the country by Peter I more than 300 years ago. It again became a symbol of the already new Russia, which rapidly rushed into the 21st century, having passed and withstood the tests of the dashing 90s, accumulating strength in the 2000s and, finally, deciding on large-scale transformations in the next decade.
Today our flag is a symbol of freedom and independence of our Fatherland and all its citizens, regardless of nationality, party or religious affiliation. It is a symbol of free thinking, entrepreneurship, self-expression. This is also the connection of times, for Russia in the 21st century does not discard its past, but accepts it with all the pluses and minuses.
Let on this day our wonderful and beautiful tricolor will delight each of us! Yes, we have a very beautiful flag!
Happy holiday, dear compatriots! All peace, kindness, good luck and good mood!