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International Education Department
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Diploma Supplement

plus.png    What is the Diploma Supplement?

The Diploma Supplement is an aid to support the recognition of academic qualifications.
The Diploma Supplement sample

plus.png    What information does the Diploma Supplement contain?

The Diploma Supplement contains eight sections providing information regarding:
  • the holder of the qualification
  • the qualification type and its originating institution
  • the qualification level
  • the content of the course and results gained
  • function of the qualification
  • certification of the supplement
  • details of the national higher education system concerned
  • other relevant details

plus.png    Why do you benefit from getting the Diploma Supplement?

The Diploma Supplement is an important tool for graduates to ensure that their degrees are recognised by higher education institutions, public authorities and employers in their home countries and abroad.заметка 2.png

plus.png    How do you get the Diploma Supplement?

  1. Pay for the service. Visit this page to learn how to pay for the Diploma Supplement via Sberbank Online

  2. Fill in the application form in Russian and submit all the required documents to the International Office via e-mail info@miigaik.org

  3. Agree on the Diploma Supplement with International Office staff.

  4. Receive your Diploma Supplement at the International Office (Room 155).

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plus.png    Contacts

International Office, Room 155
+7 499 267 35 54
Kseniya Kolesnikova
Leading specialist, Department of International Academic Mobility