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Jean Monnet Module "Green Terra Development: EU policy and practice" (GRETERE, 2018-2021)

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Registration number of the project: 600219-EPP-1-RU-EPPJMO-MODULEA

Year of implementation: 2018-2021

Name of the programme: ERASMUS+, Jean Monnet

Grant applicant: Moscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography, Moscow, Russia

Official website

The main objectives of this module:

- To enrich the curricula with studies of European values, approaches to solving of global environment problems, EU case studies in territory development in accordance with the EU principles of sustainable development;

- To equip students with knowledge of EU Legal, Political and Land Administrative Studies for sustainable development (including socio-humanitarian, ecological and economic aspects) that is relevant for their academic and professional lives and enhance their civic skills;

- To form system green outlook of students to socio-economical territory development and solving the problems on local/ regional/ global level;

- To promote innovative multi-disciplinary studies;

- To promote in Russia the integrated, interdisciplinary approach to the sustainable territory development according with SDGs and EU principles;

- To foster the engagement of young academics in teaching and research on European policy and land administration practice for sustainable development.