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The news of the project

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Round table: "Formation of a green worldview in higher professional education"

April 15 in the hall "Terra Progressum" during the Student Science Week held a round table "Formation of a green Outlook in higher education", which was attended by more than 50 students from various faculties of MIIGAiK and teachers of the departments of Space Monitoring and Ecology, Cadastre and the Basics of Land Law, Architectural Design, Digital Mapping and Real Estate Management and Territory Development.

The participants of the round table discussed what sustainable development is, what problems the international community positions as global, why environmental problems are included in their list and what are the prospects and european trends for their solution.

A separate topic of discussion was the "green" outlook and methods of its formation in the framework of higher professional education, as well as European approaches to green education and some projects of European universities to form a green component in their educational process.

Snezhinskiy E. Yu., Deputy Dean of Faculty of Territory Development, the senior lecturer of Department of Real Estate Management and Territory Development, presented the results of the pilot study and understanding of the importance of environmental issues students MIIGAiK. The results of the surveys showed that MIIGAiK students are concerned about environmental problems, they are in second place in terms of danger (the first – the threat of war). After mastering the course, these two positions change places and students more carefully and consciously understand the environmental threats and their relationship with the economic and social aspects.

Students of the Department of Architectural design and the Department of Real estate management and development of territories, held in the pilot format of the theme of the developed GRETERE module, prepared and presented reports on the green economy, green technologies and their application in the design of various architectural forms.

Student Paulinska Daria (supervisor Dr. Kutsenko S. Yu.) presented the issues and examples on "Formation of Green Outlook in the Transition to a Circular Economy."

Students Lyudmila Sidorova and Alena Chernyshova told about the European experience of rainwater reuse. The topic of water purification and technologies applied in the EU countries was also presented by the student Ilya Myakinin.

Questions of ecological culture of the University teacher (not only ecology! but any other discipline), pedagogical methods and their application in project-based learning were discussed in presentations of Associated Professor of the Department of Space Monitoring and Ecology Dr. Vladimir Belenko, Deputy Dean of Fculty of Humanities, senior teacher of the Department ofAarchitectural Design Karina Khachatryan and graduates of the MIIGAiK students of the Moscow Architectural Institute Alexander Maslenkina and Paul Cousin (supervisor Dr. Natalia Blagovidova).

Josef Strobl: "Geoportals as Interfaces for Spatial Data Infrastructures"

On April 15, 2019, as part of the GRETERE project, Professor Joseph Strobl, Director of the GIS center of Salzburg University, full-member of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, gave an open lecture. He told the students in a simple and accessible manner about about modern geoportals and their capabilities, including the European resource Copernicus, geospatial technologies for analysis of environmental problems, analysis and planning of territorial development and other goals of sustainable development.

The lecture was followed by a meeting of Josef Strobl and the Dean of the Faculty of Applied Cosmonautics and Photogrammetry Dr. Victoria Gavrilova, head of the Department of Space Monitoring and Environmental Dr. Vasiliy Malinnikov, professors of the Department of Cartography and Geoinformatics Dr Sergey Krylov and Dr. Gleb Zagrebin. During the meeting they discussed issues of further development of the project and cooperation.