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Scientific journal «Proceedings of the Higher Educational Institutions. Izvestia vuzov «Geodesy and aerophotosurveying»

The peer reviewed scientific journal Izvestiya Vuzov «Geodesy and aerophotosurveying» has been published since 1957, which makes it one of the oldest scientific journals in the field of geodesy.

The journal was founded by USSR State Committee of the Popular Education.

The journal was registered in the USSR State Press Committee, and has a number 743 of 26.10.1990.

The journal is published by the State budgetary educational institution of the higher education «Moscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography»

According to GOST-7.56–89 «Publications. International standard serial numbering» ISSN 0536-101Х (print),                      ISSN 2618-7299 (online) were assigned to the journal.

The journal is affiliated with Russian scientific citation index (RISC) and is listed among the journals recommended by Higher Attestation Committee for publishing the main outcomes of scientific researches of applicants for doctoral and candidate scientific degrees. The journal is included to the Russian Science Citation Index data base on the Web of Science platform.

DOI is assigned to every article, which is to publish in the journal.

The primary objective of the periodical is to contribute to the quality of training the specialists in accordance with the strategic directions for providing a unified state policy in the field of state certification of scientific and teaching stuff. The journal publishes original scientific articles and reviews on the fundamental and applied problems of geodesy (see Sections). The authors contribute significantly to the researches they write about. Results of those researches are published in the journal.

The journal is published bimonthly, and has printed and electronic version. Both issues has the identical content. After the printed version is brought out, the full-text electronic version, which is published on the website of its editorial and in the Scientific electronic library (SEL).

For the printed version the postal subscription via “Rospechat” is available (Catalogue subscription index is 70365). There is no difference what issue launches the subscription.

Annual subscription costs 3000 rub. A single issue is sold at the price of 500 rub.

Full texts of the articles and annual subscription for No. 1-6 issues in digital form are available at www.elibrary.ru. The access to the archives must be paid in advance.

The archive of the journal starting from the year 1990 till nowadays is placed here. If the journal is no more published, digital archives are to be available.

Due to the Part IV of the Russian Civil code, and to follow the copyright, a contract with the author should be tied up in a written form. Doing so, the author (-s) gives his/her (their) permission for publication of the article. The contract must be filled and signed by the author (-s) of an article.

The author (a representative of the group of authors) fills in, signs the contract and the formal note. Those documents, as well as the article and complementary documents are to be sent to the editors office of the journal.

The journal is published at the expense of the proprietary funds of Moscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography. All articles are published on a non-reimbursable basis. Honoraria for the authors are not paid.

The editors office prepares the journal for publishing, registers incoming files, provides peer review, communicates with the authors, sends proof corrections, plan the contents of every issue, and prepares author's final manuscript and the layout original of each issue.

Members of the editors office control sending free statutory copies of each issue of the journal to the Russian Bibliographic Chamber. Each issue of the journal in digital form is to be sent to the Russian State Library.