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Publication ethics

In order to maintain the high quality of scientific publications, the Editorial Board of the journal Izvestia vuzov "Geodesy and aerophotosurveying", guided by the traditional ethical principles of scientific periodicals, accepts the principles of the Code of Ethics of Scientific Publications, developed and approved by the Committee on the Ethics of Scientific Publications (CommitteeonPublicationEthics - COPE), demanding all participants of the publishing process comply with these rules. Scientific ethics refers to the body of moral principles which scientists adhere to carrying out their work and which ensure the functioning of science itself. Ethical standards in relation to publications maintain the public confidence in regard to scientific articles and provide the recognition of the author's idea set out in each scientific article.

Therefore, the Editorial Board reserves the right to reject an article to be published in a scientific journal if the following rules are violated.

All authors of scientific articles with the results of original research should provide a justification for the relevance of research, as well as an accurate report on the work performed and an objective discussion of its significance. The scientific paper should provide accurate basic data. The work should be sufficiently detailed and contain references, which would allow other researchers to reproduce its results.

If the article has two or more authors, then the author responsible for communicating with the Editorial Office must ensure that the list of authors is complete, and all authors approved the final version of the article and signed consent form.

If the author finds errors or inaccuracies in the article at the stage of its consideration or after its publication, he should notify the Editorial Office of this as soon as possible. If errors are found in the published article, corrections, refutation or apology are to be published.

Authors while submitting their papers to be published in the journal should ensure that their articles:

·  are original (were not previously published);

·  are not being considered in Editorial Offices to be included in other publications and all possible conflicts of interest related to copyrights are settled;

·  for the convenience of dissemination and ensuring the implementation of the policy of using the materials of the scientific article, authors transfer to the Publisher the exclusive ownership of the manuscript (see the text of the treaty at http://www.miigaik.ru/journal/), unless otherwise specified.

As a violation of scientific ethics, the following is be considered:

·  verbatim copying of more than 10% of the work of another person without specifying his authorship, references to the source and use of quotations;

·  incorrect rehashing of the work of another person, in which more than one sentence was changed within one paragraph or section of the text, or the proposals were arranged in a different order without an appropriate reference to the source. A significant incorrect rephrasing (more than 10% of the original work) without reference to the source is equated to verbatim copying;

·  the use of elements of the work of another person without attribution, for example, a drawing, a table or a paragraph without the expression of gratitude, a reference to the source or use of quotes;

·  self-plagiarism. Authors should indicate that their article is published in scientific journals for the first time. If the elements of the manuscript were previously published in another article, including the journal Izvestia Vuzov "Geodesy and aerophotography", the authors are obliged to refer to earlier work, indicate what is the essential difference of the new work fr om the previous one and to reveal its connection with the results of the studies and conclusions presented in the previous work. Verbatim copying of own works and paraphrasing are unacceptable, they can be used only as a basis for new conclusions.

The editorial oard of the journal takes reasonable measures to identify and prevent the publication of articles which are based on researches wh ere inappropriate behavior has been detected. Such violations are unacceptable.