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MExRover - development of software

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The software of the Rover consists of several subsystems including system control and system acquisition and photogrammetric payload data processing. The latter system provides a full cycle of data processing directly on Board the Rover, including:

- automatic stereo imagery for a given program on-Board calibrated high-resolution cameras;

- correction of the images distortion;

- search tie points and adjustment of picture sets to Refine the relative orientation;

- calculate three-dimensional model of the surrounding area;

- create panoramas (when shooting distant objects) or textured three-dimensional models (when shooting the nearest environment of the Rover).

The results of the processing on board in the future should be used to automatically refine the optimal route of the Rover's movement and for identify the objects.

Photogrammetric processing is performed using calculations on the CPU of the onboard computer and the GPU. Software system is a system open source, implemented with the use of existing libraries, released under a free license.

In addition to the photogrammetric system, the complex Rover used various service and control programs, including the program management, program stereoscopic visualization environment for an operator station, etc.