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About us


Reference Information

Full name: Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education "Moscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography"

Abbreviated name: MIIGAiK

Established: 1779

Founder: Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation (Ministry of Education and Science of Russia)

President: SAVINYK Victor Petrovich

Rector: KAMYNINA Nadezhda Rostislavovna

Results of monitoring the effectiveness of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia:

2012 - the status of "effective university";

2013 - the status of "effective university";

2014 - the status of "effective university";

2015 - the status of "effective university";

2016 - the status of "effective university".


Monitoring the employment of graduates:

Employment rate of graduates in the 1st year after graduation from MIIGAiK: 95%

- 4th place out of 182 universities in Moscow;

- 13th place out of 817 universities in Russia.

Source: http://graduate.edu.ru (Ministry of Education and Science of Russia)


The science:

Hirsch index as of May 19, 2021 according to RSCI(Russian Scientific Citation Index): 122 (82nd place in Russia among all universities and scientific organizations)


The journal Izvestiya VUZov "Geodesy and Aerial Photography" is published (included in the list of the Higher Attestation Commission)


There are 2 dissertation councils in the following areas: Cartography; Aerospace Exploration of the Earth; Photogrammetry; Land management, cadastre, land monitoring; Geodesy; Geoinformatics; Optical and optoelectronic devices and complexes.

Special status of MIIGAiK:

-       Basic organization of the member states of the Commonwealth of Independent States for training personnel in the field of geodesy, cartography, cadastre and remote sensing of the Earth (Decision of the Council of Heads of Government of the CIS countries on May 21, 2010);

-       Rosreestr Basic University: targeted training of specialists with higher and secondary vocational education, training of highly qualified scientific personnel, professional retraining and advanced training of employees, scientific activity (agreement, June 2014). MIIGAiK - member of the Public Council at Rosreestr;

-       The basic organization of recognized scientific schools in the field of geodesy, cartography, aerospace surveying, optoelectronic instrumentation, including two leading scientific schools, determined by the Government of the Russian Federation of April 27, 2005 No. 260 "On measures for state support of young Russian scientists - candidates of sciences and doctors of sciences and leading scientific schools of the Russian Federation "(Prof. V.P. Savinykh, Prof. Kh.K. Yambaev);

-       Basic organization of the educational and methodological association (UMO) for education in the field of geodesy and photogrammetry;

-       Member of the UN International Committee on Global Navigation Satellite Systems;

-       Member of the National Committee for the Promotion of Economic Cooperation with Latin American Countries;

-       Member of the Space Scientific and Educational Innovation Consortium at Roscosmos;

-       Member of the Association of developers, manufacturers and consumers of equipment and applications based on global navigation satellite systems "GLONASS / GNSS - Forum";

-       Partner of the Russian Geographical Society (RGO);

-       Member of the European Union program TEMPUS, ERASMUS +;

-       Initiator of the formation in Russia of the Technological Platform "Geospatial Technologies";

-       The only University in Russia that provides training in military accounting specialties in the field of topographic and geodetic support for solving the tasks of the Russian Ministry of Defense;

-       MIIGAiK has a scientific library containing more than 1.5 million units, 37 thousand units of journals;

-       A unique combination of scientific and educational areas in one university, a modern research base, age-old scientific schools with modern research equipment.

-       Organization classified as a federal innovation platform that constitutes an innovative infrastructure in the field of higher education and the corresponding additional professional education


From the history of MIIGAiK:

MIIGAiK is one of the oldest technical universities in Russia (the third), founded by Catherine II the Great in 1779 to solve the problems of land surveying and management of Russian lands.

-       By the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR on April 11, 1979 MIIGAiK was awarded the Order of Lenin;

-       MIIGAiK was awarded three highest awards of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.


Implemented levels of education:

-       secondary vocational education;

-       bachelor's degree, specialty;

-       magistracy;

-       postgraduate studies;

-       doctoral studies.

As well as:

-       preparatory department;

-       additional professional education;

-       retraining;


Areas of scientific, educational and innovative activities of MIIGAiK:

-       Geodesy (applied, higher, astronomical geodesy, space geodesy).

-       Cartography and geoinformatics.

-       Remote sensing of the Earth (space monitoring and environmental monitoring, aerial photography (including UAVs), photogrammetry).

-       Satellite navigation (application of GNSS by industry).

-       Information systems, spatial data infrastructure, information security.

-       Space exploration, planetary science, asteroid-comet hazard.

-       Metrology, standardization and certification.

-       Optical and geodetic instrumentation, laser systems.

-       Territorial planning, territorial development, state and municipal administration.

-       Land management and cadastres.

-       Property management.

-       Land and property relations.

-       Architecture and urban planning.

Participation (membership) in organizations

Russian Geographical Society (RGO)

Space Scientific and Educational Innovation Consortium (Roscosmos)

Russian Union of Rectors (RUR)

NP "Cadastral Engineers"

Consortium UNIGEO



NP "Association of Topographic Service Professionals"

SRO Association "Engineering Surveys in Construction"

Union of Mine Surveyors of Russia (SMR)

Technological platform "Photonics"

All-Russian Student Rescue Corps (VSCS),

International organizations: International Association of Geodesy (IAG), International Federation of Geodesists (FIG) and others.

MIIGAiK is an active participant in the European Union program aimed at promoting the development of higher education systems in partner countries - TEMPUS

MIIGAiK is an active member of the International Laser Association

MIIGAiK has created and maintains an expert social network and a knowledge base of cadastral engineers - http://social.cadastre.ru/


Licenses and certificates

-       License for educational activities dated January 20, 2016

-       Certificate of state accreditation dated July 12, 2016

-       License for carrying out geodetic and cartographic works dated August 23, 2013.

-       License to carry out work related to the use of information constituting a state secret.

-       The metrological service of MIIGAiK is accredited by the Federal Accreditation Service (Rosaccreditation) for the right to verify and calibrate measuring instruments (accreditation certificates in the field of ensuring the uniformity of measurements No. 1567 are valid until March 19, 2018).

-       The product certification body MIIGAiK was accredited in the "MILITARY REGISTER" voluntary certification system on October 30, 2014, accreditation certificate No. ВР АА.2.17.0048-2014.

-       Testing laboratory "Vector" MIIGAiK for certification of cartographic, digital cartographic, geodetic and topographic products is certified in the voluntary certification system "MILITARY REGISTER" (Accreditation Certificate No. ВР АА.7.31.0067-2013).



-       Campus on Gorokhovsky Lane - the former House-Estate of the Demidovs (Moscow, Kurskaya metro station);

-       Moscow College of Geodesy and Cartography (Moscow, metro station Kuntsevskaya)

-       Kirov State College of Construction, Economics and Law (Kirov)