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International Education Department
+7 (499) 261-62-43

Cooperation Department
+7 (499) 267-35-54

Preparatory Year

Most of the educational programs (Bachelor Degree, Master Degree and PhD programs) at  MIIGAiK are given in Russian language. Graduating the preparatory year will help you to advance your Russian language proficiency and easily comprehend the courses provided by the MIIGAiK.
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Step 1. Get an invitation letter

 To issue your invitation letter we need:
  • маркер.png    application form (filled in English)

  • маркер.png   visa application form

  • маркер.png   2 passport copies + verified translation into Russian 

  • маркер.png   2 secondary school diploma or higher education diploma copies +verified translation into Russian

  • маркер.png   personal contact details
You may send the documents by e-mail: forest@miigaik.ru
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Step 2. Apply for your Russian visa

Upon receiving the invitation letter from MIIGAiK, please contact Russian Consulate and provide the documents required to obtain visa.

Step 3. Confirm your arrival

Once your visa is ready, inform the Department of international education about your arrival date at least 10 days prior to coming to Russia.
E-mail: forest@miigaik.ru

Step 4. Upon arrival

Upon your arrival to MIIGAiK, please provide the following documents to the Department of international education:
  • маркер.png    passport (valid for at least 1.5 years from the visa starting date) and 2 passport copies + verified translation into Russian

  • маркер.png   migration card stamped by border control authorities + 2 copies 

  • маркер.png   Medical certificate of HIV, AIDS abscence

  • маркер.png   Original secondary school diploma or higher education diploma + verified translation into Russian

заметка ИГ документы eng.png

Step 5. Admission

Contact the Department of international education and:
  • маркер.png   Obtain your official admission paper from MIIGAiK

  • маркер.png   Pay your housing fees and medical insurance

  • маркер.png   Go through a medical check-up.


Department of international education

Tel.: 8 (499) 261-62-43

E-mail: forest@miigaik.ru

105064, Russia, Moscow, Russia, Gorokhovsky by-street 4

Main building, Office 341