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Student activities

Extracurriculars matter

Your time at MIIGAiK isn’t just about academic work – Our University will be your home for the duration of your course and it’s important that you have time out from your studies to get involved in all the opportunities the University has to offer.

 At MIIGAiK, you can do almost anything at almost any level, from ‘having a go’ to semi-professional. Extra-curricular activities can provide some of the most meaningful experiences you have at University, and might even be a springboard for careers or be part of life beyond university too.


Why join a club?

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Pursue your passion.                      A creative project. Community betterment. An athletic sport. Whatever it is that you love, MIIGAiK has a club for it.
Make new friends.   Joining a club is our number one tip for meeting people in the university. Connect with people who have the same interests as you.
Try something new.    This is where you should get out of your comfort zone! You may discover a new skill, or gain a different perspective. All are welcome.
Build your resume.      Future employers are impressed by experience. If you’ve already shown an interest and involvement in your desired career, you’re a step ahead.

Choose your passion!


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