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International Education Center
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Rector's Office
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Tourist Club

Tourist Club MIIGAiK invites all travel lovers!

Tourist Club includes students, staff and graduates of the University, as well as their friends, united by an interest in wildlife.

The purpose of the Tourist Club is to comprehensively contribute to strengthening the health of students and employees of MIIGAiK, the formation of a healthy lifestyle in the student environment, the development of moral and volitional qualities and readiness to act in extreme conditions through learning of nature in Russia.

The tourist club has sections on hiking, mountain, water tourism. Classes include both the theoretical part (lectures of the school of elementary tourism training) and training. During classes in a tourist club, a student can not only acquire knowledge about the tourism opportunities of his native land, master the techniques of different types of tourism, but also learn the skills of working in extreme conditions.

Regular outings to nature are timed to coincide with the May holidays and summer holidays. Hikes are carried out by kayaks and catamarans along rapids in different regions of the country. The routes are never repeated and will be remembered for a lifetime!

If you want to become part of the team, fill out the form and join! Waiting for everybody!

For join the Сlub, please, filll in the application form: the link to the form.

Community in VK

Address: Gorokhovsky by-str. 4, Moscow (building 6, entrance 5, 3rd floor)

Chairman of the Tourist Club: Evgeniy Prokashev

Tel: +79161002000.